Believe it or not:

figuring out who you really are and how you want to live your life doesn't have to be a solitary journey.

In fact, I would wager that it's nearly impossible to truly navigate one's journey to consciousness without a soulful community to reflect back what you do (and don't) value and to show you what's actually possible. 

No, I don't mean just going along with what your parents told you to believe or following the one or two paths to "success" that your teachers always encouraged you to pursue.

I'm talking about the friends, coaches, small business owners, creatives, and visionaries who challenge your mindset, ask the tough but necessary questions, model new and unconventional ways of doing things, and support you in making your own decisions about who you are and what you'd like to do with this one life you've been given.

You're ready to find your community, to have these meaningful conversations, and to take some steps in a brand new direction. You've reached a point in your life where your mind and heart are suddenly much more open, you're asking a lot more questions and finding that the answers are much more colorful than black or white, and you're eager to try new things and carve your own path–even if it means pivoting in an entirely new direction, making a mistake, getting bruised, or getting temporarily lost along the way.

Welcome to the Permission to Pivot Podcast, a community for wide-eyed, open-hearted, creative individuals like you.


The Permission to Pivot Podcast was created to:


    • Dig into the journey to align who you are with what you do and how you do it;
    • Have more meaningful conversations about the range of the creative human experience–from deep inner work to everyday interests;
    • Collect and share helpful resources, fun activities, and thoughtful exercises;
    • Form a community of both like-minded and refreshingly unique individuals;
    • Encourage us all to keep on creating and sharing our creative work, even when the exhausting political and emotional climate around us tries to convince us otherwise.

    About the Host

      Marissa Burdett, CPC, ELI-MP Life & Career Coach,  Ampersand Coaching  Certified through the  Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

    Marissa Burdett, CPC, ELI-MP
    Life & Career Coach, Ampersand Coaching
    Certified through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching

    Hi, I'm Marissa! I'm a professional life and career coach for bloggers and creatives over at Ampersand Coaching

    My podcast pursuits began at an early age when I hosted "Marissa's Late Night Talk Show" in the mid 90s to early 2000s, in which I mostly sang and recorded NSYNC songs, quizzed my family about Harry Potter, and reported on the comings and goings of daily life. I'm pleased to share that very little has changed. ;)

    In my adult life, I've experienced first-hand the tension that arises when you have one foot cemented in what you think you should do and another rooted in what your heart believes you’re called to do.

    When you give yourself permission to pivot and do things differently than before, it opens a whole new world of possibilities; while exciting, this can also be paralyzing. It can be tough to know how to get from where you are to where you want to be…or to even know where you want to be in the first place!

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m still figuring things out. But here’s what I do know: life is most meaningful and fulfilling when you decide to be unapologetically who you are at your core.

    Thanks so much for visiting and for listening to the podcast! It means the world to me.

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