Episode 04: Taking the Leap with Michelle Anthony

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Michelle Anthony of The Hearty Fig is easily one of my favorite human beings to talk to about creative business, women’s empowerment, using our voices, and everything in between. I’m thrilled to have her on the show to talk about that all-too familiar human experience: taking the leap.
You know what leap I’m referring to. It’s going from that place of quiet knowing that something needs to change–in your relationships or career or business or whatever–to that place of courageous action.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Michelle’s intentional shift from Bloomology to The Hearty Fig

  • Recognizing the “symptoms” that a change is needed

  • Uncovering what it is we actually want, not just what you don’t want

  • Self-negotiation in response to fear

  • The insidious nature of things being “good enough” and why taking a leap might still be necessary, even at a seemingly great cost

  • Turning to those who have no “skin in the game” to help you navigate difficult transitions

  • Cultivating self-trust and developing your intuition

  • Why we as humans end up staying in situations that we know are no longer in alignment for wayyyy longer than we know is best

  • Changing your mind

  • Preparing oneself for taking the leap

  • Practical strategies, skills, and resources for making important decisions and big changes

  • The aftermath of taking a leap: processing and moving forward

One of the most obvious signals that something either needs a second look or isn’t quite working is the indescribable feeling of dissonance–when something inside you knows that the outer life you’re living does not match your inner desires. - Michelle Anthony
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Fear likes to be the loudest voice in the room. It starts to talk you down at the first shade of considering a change and it becomes really hard to combat that voice. - Michelle Anthony
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Making a choice, any choice, becomes the "right" choice because you’ve made it. - Marissa Burdett
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A big part of cultivating self-trust is to cultivate a relationship with your intuition. - Michelle Anthony
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When we’re willing to make our definition or our identity of ourselves more rich with more adjectives, we can start looking at the interplay between them. - Michelle Anthony
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About the Guest

Michelle is the founder of The Hearty Fig, where she helps sensitive humans feel the joy of deepening their roots and taking up space, without holding back their natural generosity and compassion. She's a Southern-California-native-turned-East-Coaster who loves a good spreadsheet, and feels pretentious writing about herself in the third person.